The origins of the Montréal-Nord area date back to the time of New France, when new lands were being discovered by the great names, like Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain, that have marked the history of the Americas, Canada and Montréal.

The Rivière des Prairies, which witnessed Canada’s earliest events, has always been one of the borough’s greatest assets. Among other things, the river served as a gateway to the West Indies in Jacques Cartier’s day, providing the explorer with a route to the Gulf of Mexico.

Montréal-Nord’s surroundings are also rich in historic sites that marked the birth of the Island of Mont-Royal (now Montréal, Montréal-Nord borough), such as Sault-au-Récollet.

March 5, 1915, was a milestone in Montréal-Nord’s history, when Bas-du-Sault, until then part of the municipality of Sault-au-Récollet, became the City of Montréal-Nord, the name chosen by city council on December 7, 1914. Montréal-Nord became one of the 19 boroughs of the City of Montreal in January 2002.

Source: City of Montréal

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