Ensemble Montréal announces the candidacy of Josué Corvil for city councillor in Saint-Michel

Montreal, October 30th, 2018 – Surrounded by many members of the community and of Ensemble Montréal elected officials, the leader of the party, Mr. Lionel Perez, introduced Mr. Josué Corvil, who will run under the Ensemble Montréal banner in the by-election on Sunday, December 16th, for the position of City Councillor in the district of Saint-Michel.

 Mr. Corvil, aged 52, is a librarian and archivist, holding a Masters degree in Library and Information Science, and has been working in information management in municipal and school libraries for 15 years. An immigrant of Haitian descent, he arrived in Montreal in 1987, where he formed strong relationships with the Haitian community, notably through his involvement with the Fondation Voix Angélique (FOVA), an organization which helps underprivileged Haitian and Montreal children. Mr. Corvil is also a connoisseur of gospel music and has been hosting a weekly radio show called ‘’Écho Évangélique’’ for many years.

“As is the case for many immigrants, my Montreal roots are in Saint-Michel. It is with great emotion that I return to this district to run as City Councillor. I am particularly motivated by the fate of our seniors and youth, who feel a little forgotten by the current administration. On the economic plan, we need strategies to develop employment in our neighborhood and above all, we must find a solution for small businesses who will be affected by the SRB Pie-IX work,'’Mr. Corvil said.

‘’The citizens of Saint-Michel need a City Councillor with deep roots in the community and who listens to their concerns. Mr. Josué Corvil is the ideal candidate: well-known and respected, his volunteer work with FOVA put him in touch with the sometimes-difficult socio-economic realities of Montrealers of immigrant descent. The borough of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension will benefit from his wisdom and experience,’’Mr. Perez added.

‘’I am very happy that Mr. Corvil decided to jump into municipal politics and joined our party. The role of a City Councillor is vital: we are here to serve our citizens. There is no doubt that Mr. Corvil will step in and continue Mr. Frantz Benjamin’s excellent work in Saint-Michel, particularly with our community partners’’, Ms. Mary Deros, City Councillor for the district of Park-Extension, concluded.



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