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Steering Committee
The caucus of elected officials selected the steering committee’s members. The Committee’s mandate is to establish the party's foundations, prepare the party first convention and organize the leadership race in preparation for the 2021 elections. They also supervise the day-to-day administration of the party.

  • Lionel Perez, Interim Leader
  • Karine Boivin Roy, City Councillor and Leader of the Official Opposition
  • Francesco Miele, City Councillor and Caucus Leader
  • Alan DeSousa, Mayor of Saint-Laurent
  • Chantal Rossi, City Councillor

  • Permanent employees of the party:
  • Jonathan Cohen, Official Agent
  • Vincenzo Campisano, Accountant
  • Mariam Laagad, Liaison Officer
  • Jean-Pierre Szaraz, Liaison Officer
  • Robert Dolbec, Liaison Officer


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Authorized by Jonathan Cohen, official agent and representative .