We are Ensemble Montréal

Bringing together 31 elected officials from 12 boroughs, representative of Montréal’s cultural mosaic and united by a desire to serve Montréal and its residents, Ensemble Montréal currently forms the Official Opposition at City Hall.

Ensemble Montréal is a team dedicated to serving all Montrealers and ready to evolve with them. Our name means “Together, we are Montréal”, and that says it all: every person and organization in Montreal is a living force whose value we recognize. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ensemble Montréal wants to offer all Montrealers a more inclusive, prosperous and sustainable city. Achieving this goal starts with a responsible and efficient administration that offers quality services to its residents.

Opened to the future and the world around us, our party acts locally, in our neighbourhoods, without failing to leverage the global reach of our great metropolis, with the goal of constantly improving Montrealers’ quality of life.

  • Being together means getting out on the ground to move forward.

  • Thinking together means basing our positions on a comprehensive view that takes into account human, social, geographic or economic elements.

  • Acting together means giving priority to reaching common agreements on solutions to develop our community.


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Authorized by Jonathan Cohen, official agent and representative .