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Guillaume Lavoie and Serge Sasseville to join team Denis Coderre

Montréal, April 28, 2021 – it’s official, the Ensemble Montréal family is growing: public policy and collaborative circular economy specialist Guillaume Lavoie, as well as lawyer by training and executive well-known in business circles and deeply involved in the cultural sector and philanthropy, Serge Sasseville, will join the team in view of the municipal elections scheduled this coming November. Ensemble Montréal Leader Denis Coderre made the announcement during a press conference held this morning.

Guillaume Lavoie will run for mayor of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-extension, in addition to co-chairing the Ensemble Montréal Electoral Platform committee. Serge Sasseville will be a candidate in the Peter-McGill district. The new Ensemble Montréal arrivals were greeted with great enthusiasm by all the members of the caucus. 

An expert on municipal issues in VSMPE

Ensemble Montréal Leader Denis Coderre is proud to be able to count on Guillaume Lavoie, an experienced and rigorous candidate with a detailed knowledge of municipal issues. His expertise in public policy, collaborative circular economy and public finances will allow Ensemble Montréal to propose a credible administration to make our great city a leader in economic, social and environmental terms.

“I had a chance to see Guillaume Lavoie at work for four years: he’s someone dedicated and passionate, who is truly concerned about Montréal’s evolution and making sure each and every resident has a place. In particular, his expertise will allow our team to straighten out city issues that are out of control, especially at the financial level,” underlined Ensemble Montréal Leader Denis Coderre.

Mr. Lavoie’s arrival enriches Ensemble Montréal with a candidate having a perfect combination of administrative rigour, knowledge of public finances, and a modern and progressive vision of the city. 

“I’m happy to be joining Ensemble Montréal and Denis Coderre, who share my desire to build a Montréal which is not governed by division, but by inclusion, rigour and ambition. We will certainly have lots to do to modernize the city and restore its financial health, but I’m motivated and I’ll have plenty of support to make it happen. Our combined vision will allow us to offer Montrealers the best” added Guillaume Lavoie, candidate for mayor of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension.

An important candidate in Ville-Marie 

In the Peter-McGill district, Montrealers will have an opportunity to meet Serge Sasseville, an important figure in the business, cultural and philanthropic communities. Besides his 32 years in various positions at Québecor, Mr. Sasseville has served on numerous boards of directors, including as board chair of the Fondation de la Place des Arts and of Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà.

“I’m very pleased that Serge Sasseville is joining our team for his first foray into politics. He’s one of the best placed people to understand the importance of increasing access to culture and the budgets available to Montréal creators so that more artists can live off their art. He’s got the passion and the qualifications needed to make Montréal stand out as a cultural centre. In addition, his vast experience will also make him a major asset in relations with the federal and provincial governments”, said Mr. Coderre.

This is an important candidate for Ensemble Montréal at a time of great concern about Montréal’s recovery. For Denis Coderre, Serge Sasseville will certainly guarantee the vitality of Montréal’s artistic community and its renown at the local and international levels.

“I already know I’ll be on the right team by joining team Denis Coderre. It’s time to restore Montréal to its rightful place by promoting its cultural infrastructure, to restore the pride of practicing their professions to artists who have too often been forgotten in the pandemic crisis, and above all, to share our common passion as Montrealers for culture by rekindling the flame of our heritage that we must at all costs preserve and promote. Just like my leader, I also want to bring back Montréal… Montréal the cultural metropolis!”, declared J. Serge Sasseville.

“Our candidates, coming from every background and every walk of life, demonstrate that the current administration and the future of Montréal give rise to many concerns within very diverse segments of the population. Ensemble Montréal, being a mosaic party born from the pluralist standpoint of Living Together, is the only party that can unite all these voices and win the next election”, concluded Mr. Coderre.

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