Hadrien Parizeau and Karine Boivin Roy : Denis Coderre confirms two important nominations for Ensemble Montréal

Montréal, April 21, 2021 – This morning, Mr. Denis Coderre, leader of Ensemble Montréal, made his first announcement in view of the November 2021 municipal elections during a press conference held in Vieux Montréal.

Independent city councillor Hadrien Parizeau is leaving his position as associate member of Montréal’s Executive Committee and becoming a candidate in Ahuntsic-Cartierville under the Ensemble Montréal banner.

Mr. Coderre is proud to welcome Mr. Parizeau to his team, and wished to highlight the new candidate’s boundless energy:

“Hadrien Parizeau represents his generation with dignity; he demonstrates great presence on the ground as well as on city council. He’s a natural choice for us: with a term as councillor under his belt and his long-time interest in politics, he’s a wonderful mixture of youth and experience. It’s that incredible versatility, that enthusiasm, which will benefit his fellow citizens,” declared the leader of Ensemble Montréal. 

“I am proud to rejoin Denis Coderre and my Ensemble Montréal colleagues. Thanks to my experience on the Executive Committee, where I learned a lot about management and municipal administration, I can say today with confidence that Ensemble Montréal will have the best team for the forthcoming elections and for the social and economic recovery to come. The Ensemble Montréal team and I share a common vision in which the municipality is where people of all political persuasions, of all ideologies, put aside their differences to serve the common good. Pushing people aside is not how you make progress. I’d like to thank Mr. Coderre for his confidence and the Ensemble Montréal team for their warm welcome,” added Mr. Parizeau.

A winner in MHM

During the press conference, another significant nomination was also announced: currently a city councillor for the Louis-Riel district and leader of Ensemble Montréal, Ms. Karine Boivin Roy intends to continue her excellent work in the borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, and she will take the lead by running for borough mayor. 

“Karine Boivin Roy is an exceptional member who spends countless hours working for her district, deeply engaged in her community, a brilliant woman with extensive and wide-ranging political experience. I am very pleased to see her running for mayor of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. District residents have seen her day-after-day devotion up close. She’s a wise and caring woman. She’s already a major asset for Ensemble Montréal and will be even more so for Montréal’s east end and for her borough. We are lucky to have her among us”, stated Mr. Coderre. 

Having served two terms as city councillor, Ms. Boivin Roy’s nomination will pose a tough battle for her adversaries: 

“Denis Coderre’s return has brought a lot of strength to our team: like my leader, I want to deliver services to residents that meet their expectations, and I will do that by becoming mayor of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. I never stopped helping people at the borders of my district and I will continue to defend their interests, as I did during my previous mandates. Merchants will also find me an ally. People are saying openly they’ve had enough of game playing and insults in politics. I am a respectful and transparent person and I really look forward to showing them my style of very positive leadership,” exclaimed Ms. Boivin Roy. 

Ensemble Montréal will continue to put living together at the forefront in its upcoming announcements as various personalities announce their candidacy to relaunch Montréal and do away with the ideological divisiveness propagated by the Plante administration. 

“We will continue to grow the ranks of our team in the coming weeks with candidates from every milieu sharing one primary goal: that our victory in November will be also be that of all Montrealers,” concluded Denis Coderre.

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