Pierrefonds-Roxboro electoral platform.

Two transversal commitments: the team – Dimitrios Jim Beis-Pierrefonds-Roxboro of Ensemble Montréal will listen to you and will manage public funds, according to the citizens’ ability to pay.

  • Build the aquatic complex with swimming pool, competitive pools, water games, paddling pool, slide and hammam; according to vision and planning of our administration in recent years;
  • Develop an innovative strategic vision of the Îlot Saint-Jean;
  • Rethinking Saint-Charles Boulevard;
  • Adopt material, budgetary solutions to mitigate the risks posed by spring floods;
  • Invest in popular education enhancing the environment of the Pierrefonds-West sector, make it an urban laboratory for network’s school benefit and build a school, between fields and forests, integrating ecological transition;
  • Open up the borough with the REM and the integrated transit axis in the west;
  • Promote active and public transport
  • Evaluate the possibility of a 30 km speed limit on local streets;
  • Create a seniors’ centre that meets the needs of people aged 55+ by offering intergenerational, cultural and social programming;
  • Maintain and defend our bilingual status;
  • Help the social and economic community, revitalize commercial arteries;
  • Continue to upgrade parks, green spaces and shorelines, improve infrastructure according to our master plan included in the borough’s sustainable development plan;
  • Make use of the right of pre-emption of land in order to build social housing.
  • Invest massively in traffic curbing measures on residential streets (speed bumps, free standing speed markers, etc)

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