Why run for office?

The first questions a candidate should ask himself or herself before entering an election are the following: "Why am I here? What do I want to stand for?". In order to answer these questions, we had to determine the priorities and the vision to bring to the population.

Montreal is facing three major crises

Public safety: While Montreal was experiencing a decline in criminality and violent activity by various criminal groups, the trend has unfortunately reversed since 2019.

Housing: In 2020, the Service de l’habitation of the City of Montreal received 818 calls from tenants requesting assistance with housing for the first of July. In 2021, we were around 1,000. In September, 37 households were still in emergency housing. Real estate prices increased by 15% to 20% in 2020, but also in 2021. 

We could see this housing crisis coming and yet, today, it is hitting us full force.  

Climate crisis: The City of Montreal, like the rest of the planet, is experiencing the impacts of global warming. The consequences are felt more and more each year. From spring floods to the increasing number of heatwaves, several events remind us of the urgency to act to adapt and reduce the impact of climate change on our society. We are convinced that these three crises can be drivers of extraordinary innovation. Following more than 150 meetings with various stakeholders such as social organizations, merchants, residents, various boroughs and sectoral associations, Ensemble Montréal proposes an ambitious program to provide long-term solutions to these problems. These crises are challenges to measure our determination, our efforts, our work. We will get through them, we will succeed.

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