Mobility is a priority for Ensemble Montréal. A healthy city must take advantage of all means of transportation to facilitate mobility on its territory and reduce congestion. Ensemble Montréal believes that a collaborative approach is necessary in order to develop the offer of active transportation and public transit, while promoting cohabitation with motorists. Montrealers from east to west deserve to have access to a diversified transportation offer that meets their specific needs.

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Looking back at 2020 : “Even at the height of the pandemic, Ensemble Montréal never stopped working for Montrealers” – Lionel Perez

Montréal, December 22, 2020 – even though the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic shook up 2020, Ensemble Montréal councillors never slacked off, but intensified their pressure on the Plante administration to better respond to the concerns of all Montrealers. “Of course, faced with the COVID-19 threat, we…

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